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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Out in front

It looks like I was actually out in front on the issue of our nuclear retaliation if Al Qaeda attacked us with nuclear weapons: read Nuclear Islam. I posted that on July 11th.

I also picked up on Tom Tancredo's comments well before the other big blogs out there: read Tancredo Fouls The Water from Captain's Quarters. I've really got to slow down. I don't usually blog on something until it's a dead story or it's been a week. I'm going to lose my slacker credentials.

The fine captain believes that it was stupid for Rep. Tancredo to comment in such a way and because he is a member of the government the Al-Jazeera's and Al Qaeda's of the world will surely propagandize this. Was he wrong though? Certainly we don't want to kill innocents if we don't have to.

But if you imagine that day, when NYC or DC or Philly is gone from the map, what will our response be? What will it have to be? Nuke Mecca? Possibly. If Al Qaeda doesn't understand nuclear deterrence, then that is what might have to occur.

One possibility is that a nuclear suitcase bomb is detonated in NYC. Al Qaeda takes credit, spreading their hateful venom across the world via audio or video tapes. They threaten to hit another American city within 48 hours if we don't stop backing Israel or leave Iraq immediately. What are we going to do then? Be blackmailed? If we do that we'll be blackmailed on every issue from then on. Only nuclear deterrence is going to work.

Let's say I'm Osama and you say that you're going to respond to a nuclear attack on an American city, with an attack in kind on Mecca, wouldn't I be a little afraid? Maybe try to find another way to terrorize the infidels without getting my holy city destroyed?

Tom Tancredo may have looked stupid under today's circumstances, but if a nuclear weapon is unleashed on our soil, will he still look that way?