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Monday, July 11, 2005

Nuclear Islam

That's what we really fear isn't it? Radical muslims have shown complete disdain for our way of life. If they got their dirty little hands on the bomb, there is little doubt that they would use it to kill as many of us as possible. There can be no doubt Osama would incinerate as many of us infidels as possible.

The primary question is "Is there any deterrence for the Islamofascists from using a nuclear weapon on our shores?" We certainly won't use a nuclear weapon until provoked to that level. For the Left in this country there is no way we could possibly use our most powerful weapon unless there was strong enough evidence that someone else would use their nuclear weapon(s) first. So we have to prove that someone is going to use their nukes before we can use ours. It's impossible to prove what's going to happen without a time machine.

We will have to wait for a nuclear weapon to be used against us before we will use ours. The Left would not allow any other way. Don't get me wrong, I don't want to go blowing people up anymore than I want to be blown up. From a political standpoint, the use of nukes as an offensive weapon is largely out of the question. We (the US of A) will only be allowed (by the Left) to use these weapons in a defensive manner. That's the facts as they stand.

So we fast forward to 911 times 1000. Yes 911,000! Osama and friends get a suitcase nuke (or nukes) out of Russia, they transport it to New York or Washington. They detonate it, killing hundreds of thousands,if not millions of people. Do we stand in ruins as a country? I don't think so.

Even if several nukes reach our shores and are detonated in our largest cities, we still would number 250 million people strong with defense assets all over the globe. We have the nuclear payload to wipe all of Islam back to the stone age (Oh, wait, they're already there).

What are the implications of a nuclear weapon hitting our shores? What would our response be? Please comment.

It would take many years for us to recover, but in the end my guess is Islam and its followers would be worse off for it, because Osama doesn't understand the concept of nuclear deterrence. You attack us like that and we'll wipe you off the face of the earth. Osama and the jihadists better have more than a few nukes if they're going to bring down the "great Satan". Just using a few nukes on us and it will be like bringing a knife to a machine gun fight. There will be no one left in this country who disagrees with our use of nuclear weapons on Tehran, Cairo, Riyadh, etc.

I hope that day never comes.

UPDATE: Here's a link to where Representative Tom Tancredo (R-CO) talks of our response to a nuclear attack by Al Qaeda. Tancredo: Nuke Mecca If Attacked by Al Qaeda. I don't know much about this site so take it for what it's worth.