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Friday, July 15, 2005

I'll pay $50

for someone to take a baseball bat to this guy's nuts. He should not be allowed to further procreate.

Coach Allegedly Paid Player to Hit Boy
PITTSBURGH - A T-ball coach allegedly paid one of his players $25 to hurt an 8-year-old mentally disabled teammate so he wouldn't have to put the boy in the game, police said Friday.

What's with these parents who are so ultracompetitive? The kids are 8! The Stoner Pundit is a slacker and you'll never find me paying anyone to beat up a kid, unless the little shit steals my pot or tries to call the cops on me. Then it would be okay.

I take back the $50 reward. I just realized I spent my last money on some fine BC pot. I don't even have enough money for Cheetos.