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Monday, July 11, 2005

The Stonerpundit on weed

So where do I stand on the recent Supreme Court decision about marijuana? (I know this was like so two weeks ago, but as I say I'm usually stoned so sometimes I'm a little slow on the get go.) No More Medicinal Marijuana

You'd think being The Stoner Pundit, I would be totally for legalizing marijuana, but I'm not. I do think the court's decision is outrageous. It steps on states rights and shows that the court has little, if any, understanding of the concept of federalism. Just about everything comes under the interstate commerce clause as this court interprets it.

As it stands though, I prefer marijuana to be illegal. I like that feeling of being bad or getting away with something. If everyone was doing it, I'd have to find something else to do, like maybe smoke tobacco (it's illegal isn't?)

Don't get me wrong, too many people are clogging our court systems with marijuana crimes. We need to look at better policies to create better outcomes. For me, I'm too lazy (and stoned) to fight for what's right. It's easier just to hide in the shadows and get stoned. There are certainly bigger fish to fry from a narcotics standpoint. Cocaine, heroin, and meth are much more dangerous to our society than marijuana. Meth is becoming a huge problem in white, rural America (check out The Meth Toll) destroying lives, family, and the social fabric.

If a little weed may help terminally ill patients, what's the problem? They're friggin terminal! Oh so they may smoke weed and die a day or two earlier? States should be able to decide this issue, not 9 old farts.