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Monday, October 31, 2005


I am out of the ganj. Just smoked my last little bit and I mean just scaps. Someone please email me some weed and I mean now (THESTONERPUNDIT AT HOTMAIL.COM).

Obviously everyone missed my last advertisement offering my freelance blogging services. So I state the offer again; I will write a blog post for you for weed. We'll work out the exact details later. Email me at THESTONERPUNDIT AT HOTMAIL.COM. Now!

In other news: So the libs don't like Harriet Miers? Guess what? We'll give them their worst nightmare or at least their worst wet dream. Alito. Scalito. Scalito's Way. I like the sound of the coming war between the Left and the Right. It should be interesting. It's time that things got fought over a little. There's been too much give and take. Let stop pussyfooting around. Get it over with. Let the debate begin.

I think I've used pussyfooting two straight posts. Maybe that'll be one of my trademarks. Kronkite had "and that's the news" or was it "and that's the way it is". I'm getting slightly stoned. Plus I ate a lot of Halloween candy. Not very many kids came by so I had plenty. It's not like my house is that bad. It's not like I'm the crazy pothead down the street or something. Or maybe I am and I just don't know it. I don't run and bark at cars or anything insane like that.

Maybe it's the women I've been hanging with. Hot and Slutty! Good girls, everyone of them. There might even be a future Miss Stonerpundit or two in the bunch. All very friendly. Smoking my pot. Must get more pot. Need more pot. Need more naked hot chicks coming "over" to roll and then roll. So no more pussyfooting around. WILL BLOG FOR WEED. Must blog for weed. Get it. Got it. Good. Man, cheetos never sounded so good as right now

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Go Ahead. Make My Day.

Iran: Israel should be wiped off map

I say to Iran, "Go ahead, full bore." Then see what happens next. Maybe you've got a few nuclear weapons, but we've got more. Don't pussyfoot around. Use them like a man. Just do everything you possibly can.

I have to say I don't agree with everything Israel does. I feel for the Palestinians. I think they're getting a raw deal, but there's a lot of them that are so stupid that they've constantly wound up with nothing, when they could have had plenty. It's like a half a loaf is better than none, but not to a Palestinian. They have to have it all, which of course will almost always mean none. Throwing stones ain't going to get the job done. Killing yourself to kill others won't work, either.

Instead of intifadah, just call it what it is: War. The object of war is not to die for your cause or your country, but to make the other guy die for his.

That all said, the head of a country is calling for just short of a full Jewish genocide. I'm sure the Koran allows this. It must be such a peaceful book.

Maybe someday people can work out their differences like human beings. Maybe they'll be able to look each other in the eye understand the other. I guess not in my lifetime.

My mood

I feel like I've got goddamned fucking Tourette's syndrome today.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

What a dumbass

From today's Forum section in the Cincinnati Enquirer.

Pat downs simply part of Bush's fear strategy

I had no intention of attending the Bengals-Steelers game unless someone gave me tickets. Now that the Bengals have submitted to the NFL pat-down policy, I would now refuse any tickets.

I really don't mind the pat-down itself. My resistance results from my reluctance to cooperate with the NFL in its effort to implement the Bush administration's fear strategy. It is obvious that whenever the Bush administration gets in trouble, they rely on fear to distract us.This is just another example.

Dick Schladen, Aurora

I guess it's blame Bush for everything. I'm sure the NFL was thinking we have to do it to help the Bush administration. The reality is that they're just trying to eliminate people from bringing beer into the games, so they can charge $7 for 16 ounces.

This idiot doesn't even have a problem with the "pat-down itself". I do. I think unless the NFL has reasonable intelligence that says that terrorists are targeting NFL games, they shouldn't do this. Where does it end? Shopping malls? Movie theatres? Restaurants? Yes, an NFL game would provide a lot of targets for terrorists, but so would many other locales. Do we have to unnecessarily live in a police state?

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Jeralyn Merritt of TalkLeft is an evil racist sexist bigot

Evil Bigot

Jeralyn Merritt subbed in for Eric Alterman's MSNBC blog "Altercation" today. I read the post on Harriet Miers with interest until I got to the following line:

We could have gotten Janice Rogers Brown, Priscilla Owen, Edith Jones, Alberto Gonazles or yet another conservative White male.

What does being a White male have to do with any qualifications necessary for being a SCOTUS justice? Are White male(s) inherently evil just for being White male(s)? Is this blogger making the connection that White male(s) aren't good enough to be SCOTUS justices? Couldn't this very statement been made without bringing White male(s) into it? Couldn't Jeralyn just as easily have written something about how he/she believes that the SCOTUS needs more diversity? What would have people thought about the post if Black male had been used, instead of White male? What does white and male have to do with anything?

Did you notice how Jeralyn capitalized "White"? Certainly draws attention to his/her thought process on Whites. I think he/she is probably racist and should be burned at the stake for this heresy. I call on all right thinking people to throw tomatoes at Jeralyn Merritt whereever he/she may go. And tell him/her how to spell "Gonzales". If you're going to insult the Attorney General at least spell his name right.

Can't we ignore race at all in this country? Or at least have some intelligent discourse about racial differences? I'm guessing, not in my lifetime. It's just a dream. Reverend King would be so proud.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Oh, Bill Bennett, what were you thinking?

Media Matters exposes Bennett: "[Y]ou could abo ... [Media Matters]


I know what you were trying to say and I think you said it. The kind of thinking you were speaking against was in your own words "morally reprehensible". So that should be it, shouldn't it?

Well, no. You see the people who are so critical of you are liberals, Democrats, and blacks. They haven't had no good schoolin'. These are people who back the current public education school system status quo, so we can't expect most of them to be smart enough to understand the nuances (in a John Kerry kind of way) of your statement.

You must remember, that as a Republican, you are not allowed to say anything about black people at anytime. You should refrain from even using the word black in a sentence. I don't care if you're a Pittsburg Steelers fan, avoid uttering the word black at all costs. Certainly if you were a Democrat your words would not be deemed as hurtful to the fragile masses of liberalism. Just look at Senator Robert "There are white niggers" Byrd D-WV. You can even say such things on national television instead of radio. Hell, based on the Byrd example if you're a Democrat you can apparently have been a card carrying member of the KKK.

I know what you were saying as most intelligent people do. Remember never ever as a Republican talk about black people. Of course, here I am writing about black people today, so I am sure that I will be villified by those same people on the left. I wouldn't even be surprised if some people attacked me for being a white guy. Because it's okay to attack someone for their race if they are white.


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