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Monday, October 31, 2005


I am out of the ganj. Just smoked my last little bit and I mean just scaps. Someone please email me some weed and I mean now (THESTONERPUNDIT AT HOTMAIL.COM).

Obviously everyone missed my last advertisement offering my freelance blogging services. So I state the offer again; I will write a blog post for you for weed. We'll work out the exact details later. Email me at THESTONERPUNDIT AT HOTMAIL.COM. Now!

In other news: So the libs don't like Harriet Miers? Guess what? We'll give them their worst nightmare or at least their worst wet dream. Alito. Scalito. Scalito's Way. I like the sound of the coming war between the Left and the Right. It should be interesting. It's time that things got fought over a little. There's been too much give and take. Let stop pussyfooting around. Get it over with. Let the debate begin.

I think I've used pussyfooting two straight posts. Maybe that'll be one of my trademarks. Kronkite had "and that's the news" or was it "and that's the way it is". I'm getting slightly stoned. Plus I ate a lot of Halloween candy. Not very many kids came by so I had plenty. It's not like my house is that bad. It's not like I'm the crazy pothead down the street or something. Or maybe I am and I just don't know it. I don't run and bark at cars or anything insane like that.

Maybe it's the women I've been hanging with. Hot and Slutty! Good girls, everyone of them. There might even be a future Miss Stonerpundit or two in the bunch. All very friendly. Smoking my pot. Must get more pot. Need more pot. Need more naked hot chicks coming "over" to roll and then roll. So no more pussyfooting around. WILL BLOG FOR WEED. Must blog for weed. Get it. Got it. Good. Man, cheetos never sounded so good as right now