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Sunday, October 23, 2005

What a dumbass

From today's Forum section in the Cincinnati Enquirer.

Pat downs simply part of Bush's fear strategy

I had no intention of attending the Bengals-Steelers game unless someone gave me tickets. Now that the Bengals have submitted to the NFL pat-down policy, I would now refuse any tickets.

I really don't mind the pat-down itself. My resistance results from my reluctance to cooperate with the NFL in its effort to implement the Bush administration's fear strategy. It is obvious that whenever the Bush administration gets in trouble, they rely on fear to distract us.This is just another example.

Dick Schladen, Aurora

I guess it's blame Bush for everything. I'm sure the NFL was thinking we have to do it to help the Bush administration. The reality is that they're just trying to eliminate people from bringing beer into the games, so they can charge $7 for 16 ounces.

This idiot doesn't even have a problem with the "pat-down itself". I do. I think unless the NFL has reasonable intelligence that says that terrorists are targeting NFL games, they shouldn't do this. Where does it end? Shopping malls? Movie theatres? Restaurants? Yes, an NFL game would provide a lot of targets for terrorists, but so would many other locales. Do we have to unnecessarily live in a police state?