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Friday, September 02, 2005

You can go to hell, you bleeping infidel.

Read the following from a Kuwaiti official.

Kuwaiti Official: Katrina Sent from Allah

So I guess the tsunami that killed all of the poor Muslims in Indonesia and Sri Lanka, must have come from Allah, too. Better watch out dude, obviously based upon the death tolls from the tsunami and Katrina, Allah must hate those muslims more than he hates the United States of America.

And of course there's more in his article about America's economic demise in the world. Oh well, we won't be able to buy your Kuwaiti oil. It'll be a damn shame. That is the oil that would've belong to Iraq if we hadn't gone in there to give your country back to you, correct?

Another little thought, slightly changing the subject: I consider myself a Christian. I wouldn't say though that I'm religious. I would have to say I am more spiritual with God. I feel a bond without having to spend hours reading the bible or going to church (not that I don't ever do these things). God gave us a brain so we could use reason. Reason is the answer. God or Allah did not bring Katrina to decimate the US. It's a storm, an act of nature. Sometimes nature can be very harsh,ie the Indian Ocean tsunami.

I've read some lefty blogs in the last few days, denigrating redstate christians for their love of JAYZZUS! The left is always preaching tolerance, but when it comes to christians they're complete hypocrites. If a christian said the same thing about the muslims and the tsunami, these lefties would be all over it, yelling, whining, and complaining.

I don't think I'll find many lefties that would challenge this Kuwaiti muslim on the basis of reason. No, they'll probably say "we have to respect other cultures and not hate them because they have a different point of view that we find wrong or blah blah blah". Except how about respecting our own culture first? We have a society and culture and just because we're not like another culture doesn't mean that we're not right. I'm not saying we are always right, but too often those on the left respect the other side's argument without even giving any attention to America's side.

As far as the decline of America argument goes, don't count us out. There's a reason why we're number 1. It's in us. It's because we allow dissent. It's because we allow people to think for themselves, which in turn leads to creativity. That creativity will hopefully some day leave oil in the dust and desert of Kuwait, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and many other muslim countries. I wish I'd could be here in 100 years to see how things turn out. I suspect America ingenuity will have found some new source of energy, whether it be hydrogen, fusion, or (for trekkie fans) dilithium crystals. What would the muslims do then? There's a storm brewing. A hundred years is long in human terms, but not in terms of human history.