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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

F@#$in A!

Volohk On Cussing

A must read. It's like all the things that are sitting in the back of my head, all those ideas and thoughts that swirl around about a mundane subject. Thought of many of these things, many a time (and not always stoned).

Instead of "So what exactly is wrong with profanity?", shouldn't it be "So what exactly the fuck is wrong with profanity?" or "So what's fucking wrong with profanity?". Or maybe "So what the fuck is wrong with fuck?". Or even "So what the fuck is fucking wrong with fucking fuck?"

There's literally endless possibilities for using a good cuss word in any conversation. Like the other day, I'm at this chick's house and I'm going to get some. She has a four year old son. So I tell him, "I'm going upstairs to fuck your mom." I'm not the type of guy to bullshit a four year old. Of course I could have said, "Hey you little fuck! I'm fucking going up the fucking stairs to fuck your fucking mom." But you know I'm just not that type of person.