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Monday, August 08, 2005

The Exclusive Stoner Pundit review of Weeds

So I actually forked out another 11 bucks a month to Directv for a subscription to Showtime, just to do this review. Right now it might be a mistake.

I prepared in the proper manner for a show like Weeds. Five to six good hits of the finest BC pot and a vicodin. I had to be in the right mind for this review and I am and was.

I am disappointed with the first episode. I'm not disappointed enough to stop watching. I'm expecting better things from the next episode. The preview looked better than the steaming pile of dog crap I watched last night. Actually not that bad, but it wasn't good. I know how it is though. It's the introductory episode, which means there is some perfunctory introduction scenes to help explain the characters and the plot. They should have just had Mary-Louise Parker do a narrative voice over with a video explaining everything that happened to lead her to this point and then start off in some scary or real life comedic scene.

There was some quote from a review saying that Showtime had outdone HBO or something like that. Not yet it hasn't. I admit it took 3 or 4 episodes before I saw the brilliance of The Sopranos. Six Feet Under took a little bit longer, but I eventually got hooked. HBO's Entourage, since the first episode, I have always wanted to see more. For Weeds, my patience will last until after the third or fourth episode. It better be good by then or I will not watch it again.