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Friday, September 09, 2005

And I Thought I Was Stoned...

I can't make this shit up.

New Company Launches With Aim of Colonizing Mars

A new center that aims to be a cross between a museum and an amusement park may soon allow people to explore a Martian settlement without ever havingto leave Earth.

The Martian research and outreach center will be operated by Four Frontiers, a new Florida-based space commerce company whose main objective is the establishment of a permanent human settlement on Mars.

"We see ourselves as the pioneers of the new space frontier," said Four Frontiers' CEO Mark Homnick. "We follow in the path made by the early explorers such as NASA and the ESA. We settle in the new land, we turn it into a home and add value."

"We want to establish the Mars settlement envisioned by the Mars Foundation because we view it as the essential element that will help open up the rest of the solar system," said Joseph Palaia, the company's Vice President of Operations. "But there is a wealth of opportunity beyond that that we are looking at."