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Monday, September 05, 2005

Upon Further Review - Weeds

I know I haven't gotten around to doing any further review of the episodes of Showtime's "Weeds". I've just been "busy" (read: stoned).

I'm still watching the show, but except for the certain cache that the underlying marijuana subject matter brings to the show, it's not that interesting. The problem that arises is that marijuana is its own character. Ganja in itself gives the show its edge, but it's not enough alone to make a good show.

Since I am a pothead and a suburban pothead at that, I would hope for that moment where I could relate to the individuals in the show on my stoner level. I never feel that. It's more like someone in Hollywood writing a script about what they think is wrong with Suburbia. Even the intro song makes fun of people who live in the burbs. Hey! I'm stoned and I live in the burbs! You're denigrating your own audience!

I don't know what to think of Kevin Nealon as the pothead CPA/city councilman. He's too much of a complete buffoon. There's something completely likeable about him at times and other times he's just too stupid of a character.

There's a whole stab at Desperate Housewives, with the character Celia. She'd fit in perfectly on that show, but on this one she's just an annoying bitch. She gave her fat daughter Ex-Lax because she was eating too much chocolate. Then her daughter shit herself. What a great mom. I don't even love to hate her. The last episode she was barely there and I didn't miss it her at all and let me say I'm glad she has cancer.

Mary Louise-Parker is perfect for the role as the pot selling mom, but the scripts so far have been too light. I'm not going to buy the fact that even though she lost her husband, she's going to keep her lifestyle exactly the same. Get rid of the lattes. Get rid of the maid. She may have to cut back a little bit. That's just basic common sense.

Then there's just stupid stuff that happens on the show. The writer is trying to push too much of an edge and goes way over. Mary Louise-Parker's brother on the show shows up and then jerks off in front of the maid (well not right away, but it does happen). But the maid just watches while he knows she's there. Just gross. Ewww. I would turn around and run away if I were the maid and I would be devastated if I were the masturbator.

The saving grace is the black family that supplies Louise-Parker with her pot. The mother is tough as nails. She's hard as rock, but she's shown that she has a sensitive side, too.

Oh well. I'll report back later. I haven't had that moment yet where I can say I really like the show, but I haven't cancelled yet either.