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Thursday, July 07, 2005

So you may ask -

Why do you lean to the right even though you're a stoner? Well I'm glad you asked. Or was it me thinking that you asked? I'm not sure if you did or didn't or if it was the dog talking to me again, but anyways I will answer the question.

I may be a pothead stoner, but I want to keep living so I can smoke pot and get stoned. The Democrats want us to feel for the terroristas. They want us to understand them.

I do understand them. They want us dead at any cost. So it must therefore be our duty to send them to their chosen hell, which is what GWB is doing. I don't like for us to have to fight a war. War is waste, but it is in this case an absolute necessity. The Democrats don't have the balls to fight this one. So I'm leaning right for now.

Bush could be a better president, but John Kerry was not the answer to the question who would be a better president, Geore W Bush or John Kerry?