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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Will Blog For Weed

I've decided to become a freelance blogger. This means that I will blog on ANY subject that the purchaser wishes. Sort of like, requesting a song on the radio. I'm thinking 300 words minimum. It just depends on how much I get paid. I prefer to be paid in ganja. If you want me to post on a subject, just email me some weed at thestonerpundit at hotmail dot com. I would have you send it via postal mail, but I swear that the last 3 times I had a delivery the mailman stole it to smoke it himself.

Eventually I'll probably get one of those Paypal tipjars so that people can send me cash. Paypal doesn't allow people to send weed yet though. I'll get around to it I swear. If you do want to send me money, just email me and I'll let you know how to get it to me. I promise to give a portion of any money received to the victims of the evil jihadist global warming hurricane Katrina. But of course, I won't give any weed to them.