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Sunday, September 11, 2005

KOS geniuses

Over at the Daily KOS they're having an open thread on the NFL season. There is a little contest going on for individuals who pick the Super Bowl teams, the winner, and the score. At least one genius picks the Bengals to beat the Colts (post shown below). Hmm... I think I'll bet this guy a million dollars to say his hundred that this outcome won't happen. So please don't tell him that both teams are in the AFC and that the chances of them meeting in the Super Bowl are 0%. I want to win that hundred dollars. I need it to buy weed.

my picks (none / 0)
Bengals 27
Colts 21
Who dey!
Want a revolution behind the eyes? We got to get up and organize!
Leftie on Sun Sep 11th, 2005 at 15:39:51 PDT

I don't know what scares me most; How stupid this guy is or the fact that he probably lives somewhere in a fifty mile radius of me. Perhaps it's both.