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Friday, September 23, 2005

Dear Google, Peter Freeman of Elsmere, Kentucky is a DUMB ASS!

I always love reading the letters to the editor in our local paper, The Cincinnati Enquirer. Most of the letters are written by idiots for idiots. Every now and then one really stands out. I just have to highlight this fine letter writer, Peter Freeman of Elsmere, KY. Letter to the Editor from a Dumb ass.

This is a more proper slogan, is it not?
Cultural diversity struggles in Cincinnati get a lot of news media attention. So, I am surprised that the Bengals, and local media, continue to encourage the use of what is obviously a non-diverse slogan, "Who Dey?" I Googled the origin of this, and the entire line is "Who Dey, Who Dey, Who Dey think gonna beat them Bengals?" This obviously pokes fun at someone's speech pattern and represents insensitivity to diversity on behalf of the Bengals and their fans. They should either drop it or change it to: "Who are they, Who are they, Who are they who think they can beat the Bengals?"

Peter Freeman

Well, Peter Freeman of Elsmere, Kentucky you're a dumb ass! The "Who Dey?" slogan you reference whether it was originally making fun of someone's speech impediment or not (and no one knows if this is the case) is now a local colloquialism. Please go to your dictionary quickly and find the word colloquialism. This colloquialism has been used for as long as I can remember (at least 25 years). The Bengals and the local media could stop using the "Who Dey?" slogan, but the fans would still use it. It is endearing and timeless tradition for Bengals fans of all stripes.

If perhaps we could find this supposed individual that you believe is/was being made fun of, I would consider the possibility that the use of this slogan is harmful. That being said, you can't and you won't find this individual or group of people that is being harmed by the malicious use of the "Who Dey?" slogan. You are an example of political correctness and diversity run amok.

Hey, Peter Freeman of Elsmere, Kentucky, Google this: Peter Freeman of Elsmere, Kentucky is a Dumb Ass. Peter Freeman of Elsmere, Kentucky is a Dumb Ass. Peter Freeman of Elsmere, Kentucky is a Dumb Ass. Peter Freeman of Elsmere, Kentucky is a Dumb Ass. Peter Freeman of Elsmere, Kentucky is a Dumb Ass.