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Monday, February 13, 2006

U.N. draft: Acts 'amounting to torture' at Guantanamo


I can predict exactly what the report will not say. It will not say that the prisoners of Guantanamo are without food, without Korans, without access to health care. Most importantly it will not say that any of the prisoners has been beheaded. There's a war going on here. These people were captured on the battlefield, most likely with weapons. They're not good guys. They're the bad guys. They're the ones who would just as easily bomb the UN as the US. They don't care for modern civilization and they will lie in every way possible to make the US and the West look bad. Case closed.

UPDATE: How about a UN report on how Christians are treated in Saudi Arabia? LINK
I'm sure you won't see that. Dr. Sanity talked recently in a blog post about "Guilt" cultures and "Shame" cultures, HERE.

We're a guilt culture and the Saudis are shame culture. So we make more of our mistakes while the Saudis seek to deflect theirs by blaming someone else, which is us. Our treatment of Muslims in this country can't even compare to the crimes they commit against humanity. Yet, they blame the US, so that we internalize and then fail to point out that the Saudis have much more to be blamed for.

So, if one were to think for a second... How exactly does a country like Saudi Arabia, become almost 100 percent Muslim? History has shown us that there were many Jewish and Christian tribes and cities in the area. Different people when given a choice on an issue will almost never make 100% the same choice. If given the choice between Coca Cola and Tab, invariably some people would choose Tab.

How then does a society become 100 percent Muslim, when there were other religions in the area? Everywhere else in the world that this has come close to occurring, it often involves the cleansing of a population. Hmmm. So is it possible that the Saudis and other Muslims in the area have killed off (read: genocide) or terrorized (read: terrorized) the other religious populations?

Duh. I don't know.