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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Cheney accidentally shoots fellow hunter


I've never fired a gun. Despite all of that I've thought of joining the NRA. We should have the right to choose. If I so choose to buy a gun, I definitely don't want to go hunting with Vice President Cheney. Fucker's dangerous.

I'm kind of interested what kind of hay the Left will make of this. Was it really conspiracy to off someone that went bad? Was this lawyer really a Democrat? Will the Left use this to say, "Hey you're not for gun control, but you can't even control your gun." I'm sure there'll be some scandal. Can't wait to read each scandal.

RUMOR UPDATE: The guy who got shot was overheard saying "Republicans are assholes" right before being shot by the VP. WOOHOO YEAH! (Just my sarcasm. Sure that's what happened.)