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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Area Muslims decry Bok cartoon (AKRON)

LINK (via Michelle Malkin)

OH MY GOD! Do we have to deal with these idiots on everything? First of all, the cartoon isn't lampooning Islam or the prophet Mohammed. It's lampooning CNN and a supposedly free press. Secondly, I think the next statement says it all:

The editorial cartoon has prompted several letters in response. Also on Friday afternoon, there was a demonstration outside of the newspaper's East Exchange Street building.

Several letters? And we have a major controversy? Wow. Let's not give in too easy to these fucks. I'm like why don't we just make the whole country Muslim friendly in every way that can be accomodated, so that maybe they don't start suicide bombing restaurants and coffeehouses. Let's invite Bin Laden right to the dinner table.

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Muslim leaders said Bok's cartoon was disrespectful because the prophet should not have been depicted in such a way. In fact, they said, there are no pictures or statues of Muhammad because he should not be confused with God.

Are we really going to surrender to people this stupid? The guy doesn't even know his own religion. A picture of the prophet Mohammed's face is not allowed by the Wahabibists. If you look in art you will find many instances where Mohammed's body is displayed, but his face is whited out. If you don't know what his face looks like you don't know what he looks like.

Should we just rollover right now to them? Or should we at least wait until we have dozens of letters? Maybe then we can get a better deal, you know?