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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Iran's new president

From Sunday's Cincinnati Enquirer What did he do in college?

Given that Ahmadinejad is considered a hard-liner not expected to make friendly overtures to the United States, it is curious to see him backpedaling from one of the high points of the Islamic revolution. Wouldn't having been one of the guys who got on the nightly news by demonizing the "Great Satan" be worth political bragging rights in Iran?

I'm stoned right now, but I'm pretty sure that he'd be just a little worried
that we would use that as a casus belli. Oh yeah? Not so proud of what you did now are you? We should've taken these Iranians down when we had the chance, but Carter wussed out. We should go after him and his friend, Sister Mary, too.

I'm way to much for kickin ass to be a stoner. I need to calm down a little.