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Monday, July 04, 2005

Let's talk about the blog

The blogosphere is an amazing development in the history of humanity. As much as the inventions of railroads or automobiles. It is a transfomation of how we simple human beings can communicate with each other.

Gutenberg's printing press is almost nothing as compared to how we use the internet today. The printing press required that you had enough money to buy or lease a printing press. The blogosphere is free to anyone who can find an internet connection. You can find that at your public library. In foreign countries, I'm not sure how that is with the differing levels of freedom that nations of the world have. Access levels vary from country to country.

You suddenly have the power to change society culturally and even globally. If you're smart enough. If you're innovative enough. If your ideas hold sway, you can change how the business and political spheres operate. Your voice can be heard! Just go to blogger dot com to get your own blog. It's free, but you have to be literate. If your not literate you have no chance to survive in a future society.

Ideas and information flow across the globe almost instantaneously. This will surely transform the way peoples of different cultures and creed interact with each other.

Will the best ideas win out? Or will it eventually wind up being a place that likes pro wrestling? Will it feed the lowest common denominator in our American society? These are the important questions mankind faces.