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Sunday, March 05, 2006

White House Trains Efforts On Media Leaks

via the Instapundit in the Washington Post:

"There's a tone of gleeful relish in the way they talk about dragging reporters before grand juries, their appetite for withholding information, and the hints that reporters who look too hard into the public's business risk being branded traitors," said New York Times Executive Editor Bill Keller, in a statement responding to questions from The Washington Post. "I don't know how far action will follow rhetoric, but some days it sounds like the administration is declaring war at home on the values it professes to be promoting abroad."

Translation: We in the press think leaks are bad, but we still should have the right to print them on our front pages.

I'm going to go hit the bong and get mellow. This kind of shit is driving me insane. When did hypocrisy become a value worth protecting?